Rambling on Beats

Come taste the weekly picks of the notes haunting me and bear me rambling on them :)

Suede makes me happy on a Saturday night

This is to hold a place for a band that's very important to me for years. Suede, no surprise. But till next week! Nighty night my adorable readers (if there's any...)


Bang Gang – lover from the north

The first blog here is dedicated to the band Bang Gang and the man behind it, Bardi Johannsson. No regrets! Here's a little taste of his music - Stop in the name of love Bang gang is an Icelandic band... Continue Reading →

Some chitchat to start with

I have a nearly morbid obsession with notes and carry music with me everywhere, on the bus, into the toilet, as the background ambiance of basically everything I do. This music blog is started based on recent inspirations. I’m just... Continue Reading →

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